Estate Sale

We offer an Estate Sale Service with reasonable pricing, Dont have time yourself? Leave the work to us!

How it works

First, We meet with the Executor, and negotiate a plan of liquidation.

With a Complete "Buy out" We Use a WORK VS. WORTH formula, if the amount of work is more than the amount of the items, you pay us for our service.

If the Value of your Items exceed the cost of the service, we pay you.

If you choose "Consignment", all billable fees (charged hourly) are taken from GROSS revenue.

Then, the NET proceeds are divided by negotiated percentage.

After this, we set up advertizing, price items from the estate, and take care of all other aspects of the sale.

After the sale, we submit all proceeds, minus our fee, and for Estate or Probate, a complete itemized account of what sold, and for how much.

What happens with the left over items that don't sell?

Most things left over, are going to be a hard sell, or have nominal value. All of these items can be removed from the premises, or recycled for a modest fee. Most of the time, this service can be worked in to the estate service, so no money out of pocket is needed.

Things we do not normally handle:

  • Hazerdous materials, like varnish, paint, oil, asbestos, etc
  • Animal remains, or other residue.
  • Demolition material, like sheetrock, wood, leaves,
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Tube Televisions
  • All items lised above require extra fees to remove. We would be happy to Help get you in contact with the appropriate people.